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Gigabyte to launch a custom RX Vega64 after all

Last week we heard that Gigabyte may not end up releasing any custom-cooled RX Vega64 cards, as deliveries of chips were taking too long. Now, it seems that a delivery has arrived in the knick of time, as images of Gigabyte’s first custom cooled RX Vega have now appeared online.

According to a new report from Videocardz, Gigabyte has changed its mind regarding custom RX Vega64’s as a new batch of Vega chips finally arrived. Previously we heard that Gigabyte may not release a custom Vega64 as chips were not being delivered in time. The report contains several images of Gigabyte’s custom RX Vega64, which is based on a dual-fan design.

The PCB is a bit shorter than the actual cooler, as you can see in the side profile image. In terms of video outputs, this version comes with three HDMI ports and three DisplayPort connections.

With board partners now starting to receive Vega chip deliveries, we will hopefully start to see more custom GPUs roll out. For the time being, we have only seen two, one from ASUS and this one from Gigabyte, which hasn’t been officially announced. We are still waiting to hear from other major AiBs like Sapphire and MSI.

KitGuru Says: We have previously heard that we should expect custom RX Vega cards to start showing up in mid-October. Hopefully that remains true, as I am sure there are many waiting on custom cards before upgrading.

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