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Third generation Pokémon expected to arrive in Pokémon Go’s Halloween event

Since it took Pokémon Go a year to release its second generation line-up, many assumed that there would be a long wait before we see any more Pokémon appear. Those still waiting might be in for a treat, however, as a marketing blunder lends credit to some gen-3 Pokémon possibly being introduced in the augmented reality game’s Halloween event.

While we still don’t know anything about what Niantic has planned for its Pokémon Go Halloween event, ghastly details have been leaking throughout the year. Just yesterday, Eurogamer reported an image found within the game’s code that showcased a variety of third generation ghost Pokémon including Shuppet, Sableye, Banette, Duskull and its evolution, Dusknoir.

Since then, Apple’s own iOS App Store slipped up by releasing a promotional image showcasing Sableye and Duskull alongside the already included Gengar, Misdreavous and Pikachu wearing a seasonal witch’s hat.

Although the game now includes all of generation three’s code, it is likely that only these five Pokémon will be made available until a short period after the Halloween event has ended. Pokémon Go’s second generation was similarly introduced in a fragmented way, drip feeding the baby Pokémon Elekid, Magby Igglypuff, Pichu, Smoochum and Cleffa before the rest of the gen was made available.

Details such as release date and what the event will contain are still yet to be revealed, but it is expected to land within the next two weeks, in which limited-time content will be available solely for the duration of the even, such as Pikachu’s witch costume.

KitGuru Says: I haven’t touched Pokémon Go in quite a while at this point, but if the pace is picking up on content then I might have another look. Do you still play Pokémon Go? Are you excited for Pokémon from the Ruby and Sapphire era to make their way?

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