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Ubisoft builds up to Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 with its Outbreak ARG

During its last Pro League, Ubisoft disclosed what Rainbow Six Siege had in store for its Year 3 timeline, starting with Operation Chimera and the game’s zombie-themed co-op event. It seems like the infection has already begun, however, as Ubisoft launches an ARG for players to unlock confidential information about the Outbreak.

Tweeting out that players had solved the teaser puzzle, it unlocked “classified intel for all players,” giving access to its own leaks site, provided you own a Uplay account. Inside, “Facters” can find five documents that were not supposed to be seen by the public eye regarding an outbreak in New Mexico.

“Here’s what we know so far: Truth or Consequences is suffering an outbreak of an undetermined nature. The CDC is front and center, and the National Guard is rendering assistance, but all the pieces fell in place way too easily. This has false flag written all over it, but who’s the bad guy here. So give me what you got… let’s add to this database before someone Jimmy Hoffa’s all the evidence.”

A document sent to Dr. Srtajnkrycer states that official bodies don’t actually know what they are dealing with, but they know that it is “more parasite than virus,” and that it could potentially be “adding human DNA to its own.” Dr. Mackintosh seems to be key in helping find a cure, as they are specifically highlighted by the mysterious group trying to reveal this conspiracy that authorities have seemingly hidden.

“The parasite's bonding with the adrenal gland of the patients, supercharging it and improving their pain management,” states a transcript between Yellow Tag and Blue Tag. “It's lacing around the major bones and reinforcing everything from the clavicle to the ulna. If it wasn't for dulling their pain, this thing would kill the patients out of sheer torture. It's also tapping into the nervous system; nobody knows why yet.”

With this being File #1, it seems that more will be unlocked through cracking various clues and puzzles that Ubisoft has in store. For now, the in-game content we can expect surrounds two new “biohazard specialists” which will also be playable outside of the event, in the Operation Chimera multiplayer.

KitGuru Says: Before Year 3 hits, we still have Season 4 of Year 2, in which Operation White Noise will land. Are you excited for what Rainbow Six Siege has in store?

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