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Ubisoft set to overhaul Rainbow Six Siege’s recoil pattern once again

Ubisoft has managed to achieve a unique balance with Rainbow Six Siege’s Operators, thanks to marrying its design team with its analytics team, however the title still has a fundamental flaw in its recoil system. The developer has acknowledged this, announcing that recoil patterns will be receiving an overhaul once again, minimising the chances of a random head shot.

Detailed on its blog, the current ‘predictable recoil patterns’ are allowing shots to register away from the tip of the reticle, often falling below due to the firearm bouncing higher and sometimes registering a head shot when a player is aiming at an entirely different portion of the body.

Taking into account the testing of recoil patterns last September, which inevitably saw pistols receive a significant change, alongside the testing of the real world variants of the firearms included in Siege, Ubisoft will move towards ‘original recoil patterns’.

“With this new direction, we have made an effort to ensure that each weapon feels as close to the original recoil as possible,” explains the blog post. “We have worked hard at trying to match the unique shooting feel of Siege by firing tens of thousands of bullets and switching back and forth between the two systems, alternating between the two and iterating to bring the new recoils closer to their live counterpart.”

Alongside the new recoil pattern ensuring that bullets travel wherever the tip of the reticle is pointing, it looks like it will be much harder to control with a wider side-to-side spread. This is a work in progress, however, and could potentially change moving forward. These changes will go live on the Technical Test Server from March 28th through until March 30th.

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KitGuru Says: The recoil patterns in Siege do make the steep learning curve of the game a little easier to handle, but similarly, they do detract from the skill that’s required to be a good player. For those that are worried, any type of recoil pattern can be learned and controlled, even if it does turn out a little more unpredictable than before. Are you looking forward to the new changes?

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