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You might be able to play Skyrim Together with friends next month

The idea of playing Skyrim with a friend has been tantilising since the release of Bethesda's RPG back in 2011. As of next month, you might just be able to as the team behind the Skyrim Together mod has projected an October release.

When Elder Scrolls Online was officially announced back in 2012, many got their hopes up that this was the long-awaited Skyrim co-op game they had dreamed off. While the MMO effectively captivated many in the Elder Scrolls fandom, ESO offered an entirely different experience with a different combat and progression system.

Attempting to fill the void of what felt like a missed opportunity, mods began appearing, aiming to add online functionality to Skyrim. Tamriel Online was one of the first, which has been followed by numerous others, but one of the most progressive of the lot is Skyrim Together which allows you to play with “2+ players.”

Skyrim Together was in fact due to release its first stable build this month before the voluntary developers opted to delay it for an extra month to give it some polish. October isn't a guaranteed date as the team are working part-time around their jobs and real life commitments, but the team “should be able to get it out this year at least,” according to member Ananace in a discussion with PC Gamer.

Although the team behind Skyrim Together is focusing on the vanilla game functions first, beyond its first stable release they aim to create an API for content creators to craft their own mods surrounding the build, as shown by the video above. The developers are also keen in keeping fans in the loop with its progress through live updates on reddit.

KitGuru Says: It's interesting to see just how far mods like this have come, and what new experiences it will bring to a game that has likely been played extensively by fans already. I can imagine the stories that make-or-break friendships will be entertaining to hear, however. Will you be trying out Skyrim Together?

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