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YouTuber attracts 1 million people to Fortnite stream

When Twitch partner Ninja racked up over 630,000 concurrent viewers by playing Fortnite with guest superstar Drake, it was clear that the game had immense pulling power in terms of viewer count. YouTuber ‘Rubiu5’ capitalised on this, hosting a tournament on the game that now holds the record of 1 million viewers.

Rubiu5 gathered the best and brightest Spanish speaking Fortnite players to all take part in a custom 100-person tournament. Several notable content creators appeared from the Latin American region, which combined with his own 28 million YouTube subscribers to gain approximately 1.1 million viewers during the steam.

Since its live debut, the video on Rubi5’s YouTube channel ‘elrubiusOMG’ has been viewed almost 16 million times The total overall views and concurrent viewers could breach even this, however, as many of the 99 other players were streaming from their own perspective.

While Rubiu5 has managed to take the title for most concurrent viewers while playing Fortnite and is up there to contend with the best over on YouTube, Ninja’s record of 630,000 concurrent viewers still stands as the most concurrent viewers on Twitch.

KitGuru Says: This prompts the question of where Fortnite will go next. While it is perhaps the biggest game in the world right now, records are being broken left, right and centre, meaning that anything could happen. Have you been following the Fortnite scene?

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