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PC gaming market is thriving, according to EA

Electronic Arts Frank Gibeau has been rather outspoken about the PC being the future of the company and that the platform may possibly be the biggest market for EA over the coming years.

He told Gamasutra that ‘The use base is gigantic, PC retail may be a big problem, but PC downloads are awesome.' He sounds rather happy, so sales must be good, refreshing to hear, as we are often bombarded with developers complaining about PC piracy.

EA also said that Battlefield: Heroes, the free to play action game is averaging 368,241 new users every month on the PC alone and have now over 7 million registered users since it was launched.

Dragon Age 2: high profile downloadable game for EA

Gibeau said ‘If you look at the way people play in Asia, PC is the model, I think that free to play model is coming to the West in a big way. The margins are much better and we don't have any rules in terms of first party approvals. From our perspective, it's an extremely healthy platform. It's totally conceivable it will become our biggest platform.'

KitGuru says: With EA about to release Dragon Age 2 in a few days which is available on the EA Store and through the Steam Powered platform, downloadable games seem to be going from strength to strength.

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