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Firefox 6 released early for impatient users

Firefox 6 is due for release tomorrow, but Mozilla decided to upload the installation files a few days early. If you want, you can grab it now from their FTP.

You can grab the Windows, Mac and Linux versions by clicking on our links. There are no details of the changes, well not until tomorrow anyway but Mozilla are claiming huge speed improvements, and we find these immediately noticeable, especially if you have a lot of tabs open when starting up.

There are also some user interface changes, and design enhancements, such as when you are browsing a website, domain names are highlighted, to make it easier to see the site you are browsing by a quick glance. There is also a new plugins check so people can check if they are running outdated versions, with easy to update options.

Apparently the Linux version receives a huge performance boost, so if you install to try, let us know your findings.

Kitguru says: Better or worse? You tell us.

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