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Apple’s ‘Mothership’ Campus pictures

AppleInsider have posted pictures of the upcoming Apple 2.8 million square foot office building, which resembles something out of a science fiction movie.

These pictures have been supplied by the City Of Cupertino, who are currently reviewing Apple’s plans in detail. They need to ascertain if the environmental impacts could cause issues for the community.

The four story structure has been dubbed ‘Apple Campus 2’, and a Corporate Auditorium could seat 1,000 people, with Research facilities taking up 300,000 square feet.

With support for up to 13,000 employees it certainly is one of the most impressive looking buildings we have seen, although we have to admit we were expecting an Apple logo shaped roof.

According to Appleinsider, the Cupertino major Gilbert Wong has said there is ‘no chance’ the building will not be approved, so it seems plain sailing for the Apple board from here on in.

As yet there is no information on the costs of the building, but it won’t be cheap thats for sure. If approval goes ahead it should be completed by 2015.

Kitguru says: Spaceship styled campus, would you like to work there?

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