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Exclusive video: Guild Wars 2 is world’s best MMO, writers claim

Everyone of us has, at some point or another, seen a kid that’s so ugly you’ve had to exclaim, “Now that’s a face only a mother could love” – even if it was when you were looking in the mirror. The same can be said for major games. Each publishing house is sure that it’s kid is the belle of the ball and everyone else is a fugly sister.

The amount of effort that has gone into this game cannot be denied. But can Guild Wars 2 deny the other major games on the planet from controlling number one spot between them?  We powered up the VideoScope to see if we could get an answer.

KitGuru says: It’s a personal choice, after all. We’re pretty certain that Warcraft will be put in its place by The Old Republic, but we don’t think either the sitting king or new kid on the block are in much danger from Guild Wards 2.

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