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InWin unveils stunning bladed chassis

Without doubt, i46 is the best Multiplay LAN gaming event ever. We say ‘is', because it doesn't finish until Monday – so there's still time if you want to go along and see what all the fuss is about. This report focuses on a very special chassis coming soon from InWin. KitGuru takes a long look at its Gillette shaver and wonders, ‘Just how many blades is enough?'.

The Telford International Centre is, presently, rocking to the sound of almost 3,000 gamers who have slugged up the motorway to test themselves against the very best. Inside the HUGE halls, you can see the ‘weapon of choice' for all of the competitors – and the diversity is both refreshing and surprising.

No matter how much you mod a regular chassis, you would be hard pressed to get the kind of looks that Enrico and the InWin team were getting for their latest design. Due into the market before Xmas, this is definitely something special:-

"MY baby", exclaims an excited InWin chappy. We checked the tags and it definitely says InWin.


We tried, but there just doesn't seem to be a bad angle on this bad boy


Any (USB) port in a storm, followed by a neat depth of field shot to see into the guts of the bladed beasty


Challenger for Rear of the Year?


The 'win' for InWin will come down to price and availability. At Multiplay i46, we know that they have already been approached by more than one system builder in the hall.

When our operative first sent back these shots, we had a familiar feeling about the design. Later it came to us, the Hammerhead by Matthew Kim.  But once we went back through the KitGuru archives, we realised that the InWin machine is as similar to Kim's as a hamburger is to a hotdog. Sure, they both include meat inside bread – but that's the limit of the similarity.

In reality, it's much more of an intelligent evolution of the existing InWin XFrame products.

KitGuru Says: We absolutely love the InWin ‘Bladed' design. The colour scheme and brushed aluminium make it very desirable. Can't wait to get one into the KitGuru Labs.

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