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Apex Legends update will bring a detailed training mode

Apex Legends is about to get a big update which will include an improved training mode where players can test out all the weapons and other gear to tailor their Battle Royale Skills. Respawn says the update will be coming soon.

It can be a daunting prospect jumping into a Battle Royale game for the first time along with 97 other players with little idea of how the weapons and other gear will react. We have seen other Battle Royale titles introduce training and practice modes over time. Apex Legends will be following others by introducing its very own detailed training mode.

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment first announced that a training mode will be coming to the game, in a developer broadcast on 11th October where it showcased the firing range in all-new game footage.

New players to Apex Legends already get a taster of the basics at the beginning with a short tutorial run through in a training area. However, since the games weapons, gear and loot are constantly evolving, a more detailed training mode will offer players a place to test everything out in-depth, prior to jumping in on the competitive action.

During training, players will have the ability to switch between characters and test out all their alts and passive abilities without having to worry about other players swooping in and sniping them out of the game.

KitGuru says: Training modes are a great addition to Battle Royale games where the fast-paced action can sometimes get you eliminated before having the chance to even fire a weapon. In training modes, you can try out all the gear at your own pace.

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