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AMD looks to be working on an RTX Voice alternative

Nvidia RTX Voice works pretty well, but it's limited to Nvidia graphics cards. Soon after Nvidia's noise suppression app was released, many AMD Radeon users started wondering if AMD would launch something similar. Up to now, the red team has yet to announce such an app, but a recent video posted online suggests an RTX Voice alternative for AMD is on the way.

According to Tom's Hardware, AMD posted a video on YouTube introducing the feature, but it has since been taken down. However, the teaser for the video remains in AMD's subreddit, revealing ‘AMD Noise Suppression'. Moreover, you can read that the technology will be powered by a real-time deep learning algorithm, pretty much like RTX Voice.

AMD Noise Suppression teaser video from Amd

As per the video, AMD Noise Suppression will work both ways (audio input and output) and on various apps and games. A Reddit user that claims to have watched the entire video before being taken offline says that the setting will be located in the “Audio and Video” tab of the Adrenalin driver. In addition, the same user stated that enabling AMD Noise Suppression will prompt you to install a new virtual audio device.

We don't know if AMD's upcoming noise suppression tech will only work with modern AMD Radeon cards or if older GPUs will also support it.

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KitGuru says: It'll be interesting to see how this performs when it is eventually released. 

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