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Battlefield 2042’s next update will bring back classes

It has been over a year since Battlefield 2042 has released. After many patches to improve the game, DICE is finally adding the most requested feature by the community since the game was released. That feature is bringing classes back to Battlefield, which is scheduled to happen with a patch next week.

Although classes are coming back, specialists won't be removed. Instead, they'll be grouping these characters into the old-school categories that Battlefield fans are familiar with. The classes coming to Battlefield 2042 include Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support classes, each with its own weapon proficiency. Although classes may slightly limit gameplay options, you'll still be able to customise them by choosing equipment and gadgets from a selection of items bound to each class.

Besides reintroducing classes, DICE has also revamped the snowy Breakway map by reducing its size and adjusting specific areas for more engaging encounters. The studio is also adding some new vault weapons, including the M39 EMR, MTAR-21 and PP-2000. Existing weapons and vehicles will also receive some love with new attachments, namely thermal scopes, suppressors, and an active protection system for the M1A5 and T28. On top of all that, there's a slew of changes, adjustments, fixes and updates to the game (full patch notes HERE).

DICE only said the update would come next week but didn't specify the date. However, if patch release history serves us right, it should arrive on Tuesday.

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KitGuru says: With classes coming back, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw a wave of new and returning players getting into Battlefield 2042. Since its release, the game has improved considerably, but this upcoming patch might be what it needs to make it worth the attention of those who tried and didn't like it, as well as those who haven't tried it yet.

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