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Blizzard is creating a player-governed community council for World of Warcraft

This week, Blizzard announced the WoW Community Council, a new system to establish a line of communication between players and developers to provide detailed feedback. Applications are now open and the council is expected to be composed of players with various backgrounds and interests, representing the different types of players in the game.

As Blizzard explains, whether you raid, do hardcore PvP, collect transmogs, complete achievements or roleplay, any WoW player can be a member of the new community council. The council will have access to public and private forum threads and chats that allow and promote communication between the members and developers.

Blizzard explains the program is being created to share current and past game experiences, and it will not provide access to undisclosed information. To apply for a position in the community council, fill this form and wait for an invite. Those selected to be part of the council will become its members for a year and then be replaced by new members.

Although this is only now being introduced in WoW, other games such as Eve Online have used a similar system for years (Council of Stellar Management) with great success. However, in Eve Online's case, they have early access to future content and information about upcoming features.

KitGuru says: Will you apply for a position on WoW's community council? What are you planning on saying to the developers?

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