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CD Projekt Red shadow drops new GWENT single-player campaign

There is a new GWENT game coming out – GWENT: Rogue Mage, offering a new single-player campaign with roguelike deck-building mechanics. Technically, this is an expansion to GWENT the multiplayer card game, but Rogue Mage is available as a standalone game. 

The announcement was made via IGN, where the game director, Vladimir Tortsov, took the opportunity to share a few words. The GWENT game of today is primarily PvP-oriented, but many fans had their first contact with the card game through Witcher 3, playing PvE content. With Rogue Mage, the studio aims to deliver a new single-player experience with the modern GWENT format.

In Rogue Mage, you play as Alzur, a wizard trying to craft the first Witcher. The expansion features four decks, each focused on a concept (e.g. boosting cards). You begin with just 12 cards, building up your deck as you progress through the story. The game director claims gamers will take about 30 hours to complete and collect everything the expansion has to offer.

Gwent: Rogue Mage is now available for PC, Android and iOS for $10/£8/€10. There's also a premium pack priced at $20/£17/€20 with skins, cosmetics and additional cards for the base game.

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KitGuru says: If you're a fan of Gwent and roguelike games, the Rogue Mage expansion might be worth a shot. 

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