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Intel will bundle Nightingale and Assassin’s Creed Mirage with 12/13th Gen Core CPUs and Arc GPUs

As part of Intel Gamer Days, the company has announced its latest hardware/game bundle. Soon, those picking up an Intel 12th or 13th Gen Core series processor, or an Intel Arc GPU, will be able to claim two free games, including Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed Mirage. 

The timing of this promotion isn't the same for all regions, with the campaign running during different time periods depending on the country. Initial participation starts as early as August 18th, while certain regions will continue to enjoy the promotion until October 15th.

Included in this promotion are two exciting games: Assassin’s Creed: Mirage PC Standard Edition, valued at $50, and Nightingale, worth $30. The first game is set to launch on October 5th, while the latter does not have a confirmed release date but is scheduled to release soon in early access.

Intel confirms that participating sellers may extend qualifying purchases from August 11 to October 15, though it's not guaranteed. If you've recently purchased any of the listed hardware in the past six days, it's certainly worth inquiring whether you can obtain a code. You'll have until October 31st to submit proof of acquisition of an eligible product. As for codes, you can redeem them until November 30th.

The good news is that there is an extensive list of qualifying hardware, encompassing both mobile processors and desktop iterations, as well as systems built with these components. Notably, the mention of the yet-to-be-released Arc A580 GPU adds an intriguing element, as the card hasn't received official launch status as of now. Here's a list of qualifying hardware:

  • Core Processors(s): Core i5-12450H, Core i5-12500H, Core i5-12600H, Core i5-12600HX, Core i5-12600K, Core i5-12600KF, Core i5-13400F, Core i5-13420H, Core i5-13450HX, Core i5-13500H, Core i5-13500HX, Core i5-13600H, Core i5-13600HX, Core i5-13600K, Core i5-13600KF, Core i7-12650H, Core i7-12700F, Core i7-12700H, Core i7-12700K, Core i7-12700KF, Core i7-12800H, Core i7-12800HX, Core i7-13620H, Core i7-13650HX, Core i7-13700F, Core i7-13700H, Core i7-13700HX, Core i7-13700K, Core i7-13700KF, Core i7-13800H, Core i7-13850HX, Core i9-12900F, Core i9-12900H, Core i9-12900HX, Core i9-12900K, Core i9-12900KF, Core i9-12950HX, Core i9-13900F, Core i9-13900H, Core i9-13900HX, Core i9-13900K, Core i9-13900KF, Core i9-13950HX, Core i9-13980HX
  • Arc Graphics Card(s): Arc A310 Graphics, Arc A350M Graphics, Arc A370M Graphics, Arc A380 Graphics, Arc A550M Graphics, Arc A580 Graphics, Arc A730M Graphics, Arc A750 Graphics, Arc A770 Graphics, Arc A770M Graphics

You can find all of the T&Cs for the bundle, as well as a list of participating retailers, HERE.

KitGuru says: Assassin's Creed Mirage is a pretty good freebie for those looking to upgrade in the near future. 

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