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Microsoft is finally overhauling the Windows 10 Store app

Microsoft has been in desperate need of a re-design for its Windows 10 Store app for years and now, it looks like the big overhaul is finally happening. According to sources this week, Microsoft is working on a new version of the Store with fewer limitations, allowing a broader range of apps to be added to it.

As reported by Windows Central, a more developer-friendly version of the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is on the way. Some changes will include allowing developers to upload unpackaged Win32 apps, as well as allowing developers to host their apps and updates via their own Content Delivery Network (CDN).


These new policies would allow some of the most popular apps to be available on the new Microsoft store app, including Steam, Chrome, Firefox, Epic Games Store, Discord, Battle.net, and many more. Moreover, Microsoft would finally add some of their best apps to the store, such as the new Edge browser, Visual Studio, and Teams.

The new app should follow the design theme of the upcoming Windows 10 UI refresh. Expect to see new icons, minimalistic layouts, and new animations. The report further suggests that the app will be updated monthly with new features and fixes. Large downloads and installations should also become easier to handle.

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KitGuru says: It looks like the Microsoft Store will finally receive the overhaul it deserves. Do you use the Microsoft Store app? What do you think of these new overhaul plans? 

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