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Microsoft rebrands Xbox Game Pass amid rumours of Xbox Live Gold going away

Microsoft is trying out new branding for Xbox Game Pass, shortening the name to just ‘Game Pass', with the traditional Xbox symbol in the logo. This new look is already being tested out on Twitter and could lead to Microsoft simply referring to the service as ‘Game Pass' moving forward.

As noted by Thurrot, the official Game Pass Twitter accounts tweeted about “trying out a new look”. From now on, it seems that “Xbox Game Pass” and “Xbox Game Pass for PC” will be called “Game Pass” and “Game Pass for PC”. Despite removing the “Xbox” naming from both profile pictures, they still have the Xbox logo and the Twitter accounts still have the old name.

This change in naming seems to be a way of distancing the service from what it once was, a console-exclusive service. This rebranding also came following the removal of the 12-month subscription of the Xbox Live Gold, leading some to believe that we might see the end of Xbox Live Gold when the Xbox Series X launches.

If the Xbox Live Gold service ceases to exist, the Game Pass service might come as a replacement. Game Pass Ultimate already includes the Xbox Live Gold service, besides coming with Game Pass for PC, console and access to xCloud.

Another interesting thing to point out is the free-to-play Halo Infinite’s multiplayer announcement, which might be interpreted as a sign that the Xbox Live Gold service won't be needed for online gaming in Xbox systems anymore.

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