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NCSoft reveals its latest MMO – Throne and Liberty

If you're an MMO fan, then you may have already heard about Project TL, the next major release from NCSoft. Initially, this was supposed to be a new Lineage game, but through development, plans changed quite a bit. Now, Project TL is its own IP, named ‘Throne and Liberty', and rather than being an isometric ARPG, the game is now taking inspiration from Korean MMOs like Black Desert. 

Throne and Liberty have been in development for quite some time already, but we can finally see the fruit of NCSoft's work in the recently released trailer. Throne and Liberty is set in the western part of a shared fictional world – NCSoft's other game, Project E, will be set in the eastern part of this same game world.

Project TL began transitioning to Throne and Liberty roughly three years ago. The development team scrapped or adapted in-game systems and content based on on-going trends in the MMO landscape. As time went on, the project looked less and less like a game from the Lineage franchise, so the game ended up becoming its own IP.

According to the devs, the game was designed to be as immersive as possible, featuring factors such as dynamic weather that may affect a battle (projectiles are affected by wind, and lightning become AoE when raining, for example). In addition, players will be able to create sandstorms, solar eclipses and much more, depending on the environment.

Another interesting point is the challenging PvE content promised by the developers, which will ask multiple players to coordinate their attacks to bring some bosses down. Moreover, you'll be able to transform into various animals (felines, birds, fish) to travel faster between locations.

Throne and Liberty is scheduled to release during H2 2022 worldwide for PC and consoles.

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KitGuru says: Were you a fan of Lineage? How do you feel about Throne and Liberty becoming its own MMO rather than the ARPG that was originally planned? 

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