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Saints Row: The Third Remastered announced, set for release on 22 May

Back in 2011, Saints Row: The Third was released to the public. Yesterday, nine years since the game's original release, Deep Silver has announced that it will release the remaster of Saints Row: The Third for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on 22 May, 2020.

In this remaster, every weapon and car has received new models and much of the city has received graphical improvements – basically a “full makeover”. The graphic enhancements were developed by Sperasoft, which reworked 4000 assets, revamping the city, characters and effects, offering improved graphics and a new lighting engine.

According to Deep Silver, The Saints Row: The Third Remastered includes the three expansions mission packs and over 30 DLCs, all of them remastered for the release of the game. With this additional content, players can enjoy extra hours of “gleeful gameplay” in the streets of Steelport.

The game puts the player in the feet of the leader of the Saints gang. Initially a gang, the Saints have become some sort of celebrity group with their own brand, featuring energy drinks, clothing and more. With that much notoriety, the gang was noticed by the Syndicate, a criminal organisation with tremendous power all over the world. They are asking for the Saints to bend the knee to them, but that won't happen. With the Saints' refusal, a “gang war” started in Steelport, which fell under the control of the Syndicate.

With all the DLCs, enhanced graphics, effects, environments, and lighting system, the absurdness of Saints Row is about to look better than ever. Dismantle the Syndicate organisation in the city of sin, use crazy weapons to defeat and humiliate your enemies, and create the “most outlandish characters ever seen”. Additionally, you can do all of this in co-op, exploring new opportunities to destroy the Steelport.

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