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Binding of Isaac Switch port will miss launch, but comes with instruction booklet

The port of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ for the upcoming Nintendo Switch, will not be a launch title as originally intended. Although the game's publisher, Nicalis, still claims the game will debut on the new-gen system in March, it won't quite be ready for the originally planned release date of the third. It will however, come with a full colour instruction booklet.

Considering the line up of quirky or cutesy titles for the  Switch at launch and Nintendo's usual family focus, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is rather a dark addition to the line up of its earliest games. That hasn't stopped its progression though and we're now very close to its release. It's just not quite the release date everyone hoped for.

Announced in a blog post on the publisher's site, the delay is said to be because of “issues beyond [their] control,” which would suggest some kind of certification process. Again, considering the adult themes, perhaps Nintendo just wants to go over the game with a fine tooth comb before it gives it approval for launch. That's pure speculation though.

To make up for the delay, alongside previously announced Isaac sticker sheets, the Switch launch edition of the game will also come with a 20-page, full colour, hard-copy instruction book. This will only come as part of the Switch launch edition and will also come with a reversible cover for the casing, so users can decide which one they like the most.

The booklet will be an homage to 8bit games of yore, alongside some never before seen art from the game's development.

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KitGuru Says: I still haven't played any editions of Binding of Isaac, if I grab a Switch at some point I'll pick this up though. A bit of random roguelike action on a little tablet sounds fun.

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