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Dawn of War III campaign gives you a taste of everyone

Dawn of War III will have three campaigns, but they'll all be bundled into one. Unlike previous games where you could play from various perspectives with the difference races, this time they'll all be bundled into one and you'll switch between. While the first mission might be from the Space Marine perspective, the second could be from the Orks.

Dawn of War games of yesteryear had at least four playable races at launch, but this time around there will only be three. However Relic wants to give them all a major stake in the campaign story, instead of just adapting the same sort of missions for different races.

“That allows us to do some interesting narrative things where the player knows more than the protagonists and you’re sort of setting up the next mission with each mission,” said Relic's Phil Boulle in a chat with PCGN.

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He went on to say that the other benefit of this is that all players who finish the campaign will have a rough idea of how all of the races play. This could help prevent just one race being the most popular in multiplayer and helps prepare people for that ever more challenging mode.

Another aspect of the game he described was a way of making the Eldar more durable. Although they are more fragile unit to unit, if they can enter a battle trance, where they're doing a lot of damage, they can regenerate health with a shield mechanic.

Dawn of War III offers a return to a more original Dawn of War gameplay, with larger armies, building bases and super units, but keeps the hero characters and progression of Dawn of War II. It's expected to release sometime in 2017.

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KitGuru Says: I've put a lot of time into the Dawn of War games over the years, but after playing Total War: Warhammer, it's hard to not feel like DoW is a little small in comparison. I'll probably still check it out though. 

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