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Double Fine’s Tim Schafer explains Amnesia Fortnight

Ever wondered how Double Fine creates such wacky concepts as Costume Quest, or Stacking? Well now we know, thanks to an eight minute video of company founder Tim Schafer revealing a game concept process that takes place every year, called Amnesia Fortnight. However this time, it features you.

On an annual basis, Double Fine staff take a two week break from whatever they're working on and split up into small teams to work on a new concept. From there the best prototypes are worked on, eventually whittled down to the greatest and that becomes the latest game for the company. Games like Iron Brigade and Middle Manager of Justice.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTl2V3EDJik']

This time around though, Schafer is opening it up to the public to decide. Over at HumbleBundle.com/Double-Fine, you'll find 23 different game concepts, each one pitched by a member of the Double Fine team. As an average gamer, you'll be able to vote on your favourites, with the top four receiving the go ahead to develop a prototype based on that idea.

Using the usual Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want setup, you'll not only get access to those prototypes, but can watch development as it continues through live streaming and a 2 Player Productions documentary that will have daily updates. Right now, you'll receive early prototypes of Once Upon a Monster and Costume Quest.

Of course as with every Humble Bundle, a portion of your pitch/donation goes to charity, which is fully customisable.

KitGuru Says: The fun video of Tim doing his thing aside, I quite like the look of Bragging and Fighting. What about you guys?

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