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Psychonauts 2 hits funding goal, to become reality

Continuing its trend of successfully crowd funding its way to its next developmental project, Double Fine has succeeded in generating enough funds from its community of fans to make Psychonauts 2 a reality. Along with the news, Double Fine and its founder Tim Schafer released a video telling us just how …

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Broken Age Act 2 coming soon, finally

Over a year since its first act was released and almost three years since the original campaign, Broken Age hasn’t had the smoothest of rides to release, but now it looks like its second and final part, Broken Age Act 2, will be released in just over a month’s time. …

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ToeJam and Earl sequel appears on Kickstarter

Although modern gaming is full of beautiful high-fidelity graphics, deep and emotional stories and inter-connected multiplayer experiences, there is something that it lacks almost right across the board: funk. That wasn’t always the case of course, as a pair of aliens from Funkatron once taught us how to be cool, …

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Grim Fandango getting PC version after all

There wasn’t really much doubt that Tim Schafer’s seminal Grim Fandango wouldn’t eventually hit PCs as well, when it was first announced at Sony’s E3 conference as an upcoming PS4 remastered title. However that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to hear for sure, as Double Fine has now officially announced …

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Humble Double Fine Bundle is going well

I should have done a news story when this launched, but they always come at such unsociable hours for us Brits. Yes, a new Humble Bundle is out there for you to pay what you want for and it’s all based around Double Fine, that Tim Schafer helmed ship of …

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Disney shutters LucasArts, everyone laid off

Disney has moved its mouse pointer to “shut down,” and then clicked firmly on Lucasarts, ending the life of the long time great studio that brought us classics like the Monkey Island series, Indiana Jones point and clicks, Maniac Mansion and a lot of Star Wars games – plus my …

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