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Humble Double Fine Bundle is going well

I should have done a news story when this launched, but they always come at such unsociable hours for us Brits. Yes, a new Humble Bundle is out there for you to pay what you want for and it’s all based around Double Fine, that Tim Schafer helmed ship of gaming uniqueness.

It’s doing really well too, as you might expect when there’s a group of great games up for grabs, as well as extra rewards and a new video from Tim himself. I’ll let him do the explaining though, since he’s really quite good at this faux-crap acting stuff.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqHM50bZRGY’]

I miss the beard.

So far the Humble Double Fine Bundle has made over half a million dollars, with a total of just over 65,000 purchases. The average purchase price is just under $8, so get in now if you want to grab Brutal Legend at a steal; along with Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking. If you pay over $35 you’ll get a pre-order of Broken Age, the upcoming Double Fine, Kickstarter funded, point and click adventure. $70 gets you a Tshirt on top of all that.

But who’s wining the average payment race? As usual, the Linux boys show that all that money they saved not buying an OS goes into games, as their average is closing in on $15. Mac is a chunk lower at $9.93 and Windows users are of course the cheapest of the bunch – though better than usual. While often times Windows users spend around $5 per bundle, at least this time it’s closer to $7 than $6.

KitGuru Says: If you haven’t bought this yet, go and throw $10 at Double Fine. A big chunk goes to charity and you’ll get a load of good games for practically nothing. 

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