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EA teams up with toothpaste maker for SimCity promotion

If you’re still playing SimCity despite all the problems with its always-on single and multi-player gameplay and you happen to live in North America, then you’re in with a chance of getting a giant garden gnome for your city. You know, like every real city has?

All you have to do is purchase a specially marked Crest or Oral B toothpaste and input the code into the official promo website. This will net you not only the Gnome, but also a giant dinosaur model, as well as a llama, MaxisMan and a giant ball of twine.

If there’s one thing that can make always-on worth it, it’s giant Gnomes

These items will have in-game effects too, increasing the happiness of low income citizens, as well as bringing in three different classes of tourists – because in SimCity, people travel from miles around to look at giant garden ornaments.

There’s also a chance to win an Xbox or PlayStation 3 as part of the promotion, but it’s all tied to the toothpaste, so if you want to take part, get your brush at the ready.

KitGuru Says: Well that’s an interesting partnership. I wouldn’t have called EA getting in bed with the oral hygiene crowd. Activision will be sponsored by 5 A Day next. 

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