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How fast is Ouya? Not as fast as 77 other Android devices

Maybe it’s mean to rank the Ouya in terms of its hardware power, as for £99 it was never going to be a real workhorse, but when you’re using an Android OS that doesn’t have access to the Google Play store, you better have something else to sell the hardware, but in this case at least, sheer performance is not it.

This ranking comes from 3Dmark maker, Futuremark, which has placed every commercially available Android device in a list of best to worst. Sorry HTC desire users, you come in dead last, with the Galasy SL, Mini 2 and S, only just staying ahead. The Ouya developer kit comes in at 78, putting it between the Acer Iconia Tab A510 and the Sony Xperia Tablet S.


Not bad, but nothing astounding either. There are a lot of smartphones in the list that outpower the little console. Some of these are popular too, like the Samsung Galaxy S III, which as Kotaku points out, is a generation old smartphone. The S IV is right up the top in third place, sitting behind the Sharp Aquos Zeta and the Xiamo Mi-2S.

If you still want a Ouya but didn’t get one of the developer kits, check out GAME for a preorder.

KitGuru Says: Yes I know the Ouya wasn’t designed to be Xbox powerful, but if it’s slower than the smartphone in your pocket and doesn’t have the game library of any current console or PC, then what’s its major selling point? It isn’t price. A £99 console + £50 for a couple of extra controllers… If you want a cheap console, go retro. 

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