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QWERTY sofa concept, with customisation options

An Italian design company called ZO_loft have designed a new sofa, in the style of a keyboard. While this doesn’t sound too comfortable, the modelling allows for ‘key adjustments’.

The zany idea might not take off, but its certainly unusual. It was inspired by the rising reliance of technology in the mainstream. Designers Valentino Castelli and Andrea Cingoli designed the sofa to both amuse and attract attention.

The keys are actually cushions attached to a stainless steel frame and made to resemble a giant keyboard.

The designers claim that the keys will be supported by a small electric motor, allowing individual cushions to be lowered or raised to adjust for body shape and comfort. Using a remote control the sofa can even be laid flat, like a bed. It could also be pushed almost upright with armrests.

The sofa has not yet been produced, and at this stage it is only a concept design. No plans yet to release to the public, but if the interest level increases and they get backing, it may happen.

You can visit the website, over here.

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