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EA is shutting down another studio: Maxis

If you played and were somewhat disappointed by the latest SimCity, DarkSpore or Spore, then chances are you won't be too bothered by the news that EA Games is shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the developer that brought us all of those over the past few years. However even though the …

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Oh dear… new SimCity patch makes everything worse

It's one thing to release a game that's single player experience requires always-online DRM and then have those same always-on servers crash soon after launch, but it's another thing entirely to release game breaking patches that were supposed to fix everything weeks after launch. That's the situation EA, Maxis and …

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Modder makes SimCity playable offline


SimCity has been causing problems for gamers since release. Whether it's the always-on DRM, the restrictive city sizes, the god awful AI, or the fact that for days players weren't even able to connect to the main servers. Some of these issues have been fixed, but you can still only …

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Amazon remove SimCity under gamers fury

Amazon have stopped selling the downloadable version of SimCity after thousands of angry gamers gave the title a shocking one star review. SimCity – Standard Edition was removed from the Amazon online store yesterday. The always online game has been a disaster for Electronic Arts, and its customers because of …

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