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Final Fantasy XV patch lets PS4 Pro Lite Mode hit 60 FPS

If you are a bigger fan of frame rates than you are visual fidelity, the new patch for Final Fantasy XV will give you a chance to hit something a little smoother than the 30 FPS you’ve been used to. On PS4 Pro consoles, gamers can now expect to hit up to 60 frames per second when running in Lite Mode.

As much as Final Fantasy XV is a gorgeous game, with expansive backdrops, detailed landscapes and lots of swishy hair, console ability to hit certain frame rate targets isn’t exactly perfect. Standard PlayStation 4s have struggled with stuttering, especially when things get busy and even the PS4 Pro could only achieve a smooth 30FPS in Lite Mode. Well now Lite Mode delivers even more fluidity with the game, as it can hit up to 60 FPS without difficulty.

That’s not all of course. The 1.05 update also adds new timed-quests, which task you with hunting certain monsters or completing certain goals within a set time limit. There’s also a new, higher-level cap (120) and an increased capacity for your camera up to 200 photos [thanks AGD].

There are also a number of bug fixes we’re told, as well as a new portable music player for taking long, leisurely Chocobo rides across the landscape.

Just don’t expect to downgrade after this patch. If you save after downloading it, your game will no longer be compatible with former versions of the game.

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KitGuru Says: Square seems to be doing a good job of keeping Final Fantasy XV patched and updated on a regular basis. How are you guys enjoying the game so far?

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  • Lelisevis

    11 hours in and haven’t left the start area, I’m absolutely loving it. The camaraderie between the 4 antagonists has been brilliantly scripted and the combat is frantic but has depth depending on the style of play you choose. This game has definitely been worth the wait for a Final Fantasy fan whose history doesn’t just start at the nostalgia of FF7 but goes way back.

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