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AOC ditches the bezels on new ‘frameless’ gaming monitors

AOC is doing its part to rid the world of plastic bezels, one monitor at a time, with a pair of new AGON displays featuring curved screens, high-resolution panels and fast refresh rates. These aren’t small monitors either. The smallest of the two comes in at 27 inches, while the larger, heftier alternative has 31.5 inches of screen real estate.

The larger AG322QCX comes with a 2,560 × 1,440 QHD panel with a curvature radius of 1,800mm, making for what AOC claims is its strongest curve of any AGON model to date. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz, supports AMD Freesync and AOC’s Low Input Lag Mode for delivering a faster image for high-end gaming. At 31.5 inches it offers a huge amount of screen space and that is only enhanced by the slimline bezel it sports around the edge.

It’s smaller brother, the 27″ Full HD AG272FCX, has a more typical 1,920 x 1,080 resolution but the same radius, giving it a nice curve to go with its new invisible bezel. It too sports 144Hz refresh rate and supports Freesync and the Low Input Lag Mode.

Both monitors come equipped with AOC’s QuickSwitch controller, a set of several hardware buttons to give you the ability to change settings quickly and on the fly. There are several presets for a few different game types, letting you jump between them manually as and when you need.

Both displays also feature common eye protecting technologies like Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light and each has a carrying handle to make LAN transport easier.

The AOC AGON AG322QCX and AOC AGON AG272FCX will become available in May and will be priced at £520 and £390 respectively.

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KitGuru says: Anyone in the market for a new curved display, these ones seem like quite nice buys. I’m looking to wall mount my next ones so I’m sticking to flat panels for my next upgrade, but the curved ones do look cool.

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  • mazty

    27″ 1080p seems to be a really odd screen size and resolution – I can’t imagine anyone would enjoy being so close to whats a relatively low resolution for such a large screen.

  • Perseus

    make a 1440p 144hz ultrawide version of this and i’m sold!

  • Ryan

    My current monitor is 27″ 1080p…My Laptop is 13″ and QHD, honestly there is no difference unless you have your nose pressed up against it.

  • Doraerodriguez

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  • mazty

    Is your laptop using something like Retina display (supersampling) because QHD at that resolution would surely make everything hilariously small?