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First GTA V artwork released

The first artwork for Grand Theft Auto V has been released by Rockstar and true to tradition it's done in the same cartoonish style we've seen in the past. It comes with the promise from the developer that there will be: “lots of info coming next month,” and a warning that we should, “get ready.”

Somebody call for an exterminator?

In the début trailer for the game we saw the protagonist bundle out of a van, with armed colleagues, so it seems likely that this is an artistic interpretation of that, though the fact that there's two people featured does make me wonder if there could be a cooperative element to the game. Interestingly, both guys in this image are white – when previous screenshots of what is assumed to be the protagonist, appeared to show a black guy.

The fact that the gentlemen here appear to be leaving the back of an exterminator van leaves me with hope that we'll have buyable businesses in this one, like way back in Vice City, but it could also just be a part of a mission.

Those familiar with GTA IV and Chinatown Wars, will not doubt recognise the Anna Rex clothing store, which featured in both games.

KitGuru Says: Do any details in this pic stand out to you guys? Let us know.

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