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How many hours went into testing Windows 8?

While I'm sure many of you will immediately jump to the smart ass answer of “not enough,” the actual figure for the man hours put into testing Windows 8 is quite staggering. The one that came out of Microsoft today during its official launch event for the new operating system, was 1.24 billion.

This testing took place across 190 countries and enabled Microsoft to officially certify over 1,000 current devices for use with the OS. President of Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live division, Steven Sinofsky said that: “No product anywhere receives this kind of testing anywhere in the world,” (via TechCrunch).

Windows 8
Excited yet guys? Microsoft sure hopes you are

Whether that certification will translate into more users however remains to be seen, as we've heard recently from many individuals and businesses that they plan to skip Windows 8 altogether. Gabe Newell and Markus Perrson famously said that they think the OS was the worst thing for PC gaming in a long time.

Many have questioned why Windows 8 distances itself so much from its predecessor too, especially in the wake of statistics that ultimately Windows 7 was the fastest adopted OS in history. So far Microsoft has sold over 670 million licenses for it.

Whether this is because it was so awesome, or just a lot better than Windows Vista is up in the air though.

KitGuru Says: So guys, lots of certified devices, lots of beta testing. Are you any more excited for Windows 8?

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