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For Honor balance changes will fix Valkyrie, Peacekeeper and guardbreak counters

For Honor has proved an impressively popular brawler, despite what many people feel are a few key problems with balancing. Ubisoft is listening to the community though and has announced plans for a number of tweaks to specific characters that will arrive in the upcoming updates.

“We are excited to see that our game is finally out there and that players are enjoying their time on the battlefield,” said Ubisoft community developer, Eric Pope, in a Reddit announcement. In response to player feedback from internal testing and the open beta, Ubisoft will soon be implementing a number of changes, specifically to certain classes, he said.

Conqueror and Berserker characters currently give players a free guard break combo if one of their light attacks is blocked. That won't happen in the future.

The Peacekeeper's second and third stabs currently don't apply bleed, that's something Ubisoft will correct in an upcoming patch.

The Valkyrie is receiving the most updates, with light attacks set to have a reduced recovery time, light chain attacks coming faster than before and Pouncing Thrust and Hunter's Strike having increased damage.  Shield Crush will also have a link added to light attack chains, while Hunter's Rush will have a reduced recovery time.

Guardbreak counters will also work against in-process guard break attempts.

Ubisoft will also be changing the way bots are introduced when players leave. Instead of them joining on full health, they will ‘join' the game, but will be dead, giving the leaving team a distinct disadvantage. However in future rounds, if not replaced by a human player, they will have full health as normal.

Although Pope did not give us a hard date for when these changes will be made, we're told that the updates are “upcoming,” so presumably will arrive in short order.

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