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Friday’s nostalgia Kick…starter: Dizzy Returns

While this sort of piece normally belongs in the games section of KitGuru, it's hard to resist when some of your earliest gaming memories come back in full Kickstarter style. Dizzy Returns has been announced by the Oliver twins, the original creative minds behind the boxing gloved handed, egg shelled hero.

Dizzy, for those that don't know him, was an odd choice of a hero, but his gameplay mixed platforming, point and click style puzzle solving, hazards and enemies – yea Dizzy was a adventure game where you could die quite easily – and humorous character dialogue in a great blend. And now the Oliver twins are looking to bring this back, in a contemporary form.

While they say that the classic gameplay will remain, there will be a new story, with some different ways to play added. Puzzles will be non-linear and there will be new mechanics that use physics, time, light and more. For those who feel the evil wizard Zaks didn't take enough of a beating last time, never fear, he'll make an appearance.

Dizzy Returns
He may not have usable fingers, but don't worry, Dizzy's got this

One feature that sounds exciting is Retro Mode. Similar to the enhanced editions of Monkey Island one and two, Dizzy will have a switch to go back to the classic style animation from the 8-bit era.

Taking a leaf out of Telltale's book, the Olive twins also plan to add a dynamic clue system to help anyone that gets too stuck.

If you want to learn more about the game or donate, head over to the Kickstarter page here.

KitGuru Says: I'm excited guys. This is my childhood in digital form being recreated here. What was the starting block on the road to your gaming career?

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