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Corsair H100i Liquid CPU Cooler Review (Firmware V1.0.4)

Rating: 9.5.

Today we are going to take a look at Corsair’s latest flagship CPU cooler, the H100i.  This directly replaces the coveted Corsair H100 cooler which is widely regarded as the best ‘all-in-one’ liquid cooler on the market.  We tested the H100 when it was released a little over a year ago and were extremely impressed with what it had to offer.

Corsair’s engineers haven’t let themselves get complacent, though.  Over the past year they have designed the H100i from the ground up – although it’s quite clear that it’s inspired heavily by the design of the original H100.  They claim that the H100i will outperform the H100 both thermally and acoustically, while being even easier to install.


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  • Xtreme

    Did they not opt for the hard hoses last time as the soft hoses could leak easier? weird to see them coming back…….

  • Mannacua

    H100 rocks, I have one. might upgrade after christmas.