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Grand Theft Auto helps little indie stores too

While often times with big franchises, you hear mostly about big chain stores or online retail giants benefiting the most from huge releases, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a history of supporting the smaller companies and those same companies support Rockstar and its games in turn. With the release of GTA V, not only are big shops like GAME doing midnight release, but the little guys are too.

“We’ve supported the GTA series since the original and it’s great to see a game designed in Scotland become one of the largest franchises ever,” said MD of indie chain Games Centre, Robert Lindsay (via MCV). He went on to say that the pre-orders his company had received for GTA V were the most in the company's history and that the game was looking likely to be his store's biggest seller of the year.

It's good to see smaller, more personal outlets still surviving in the contemporary gaming  climate

The problem for most chains seems to be getting enough stock. Most pre-orders are sold out and even those that have a few left expect them to go on midnight or shortly after. It's so big in-fact, that GTA V is set to outsell even industry pillar franchises like FIFA and CoD.

“GTA V will sell many more units than Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA 14. It’s the game of the year,” said head of 24-7 Games Kevin Garraway, who mentioned he may even sleep in the shop to get a bit of rest before his big midnight launch party.

KitGuru Says: Any of you guys going to a midnight GTA launch event? If so, what's your local store doing to celebrate? 

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