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Microsoft was working on prototype surface phones

Microsoft's touch screen Surface ambitions might not have ended with the tablet if its most recent deal with Nokia hadn't gone to plan. Had it not been able to snap up the Finnish phone maker, Microsoft may have forged ahead with support, developing its own line of Surface handsets.

However, fortunately for the software giant, it's deal to buy Nokia did go through and as a result it's most successful line of windows powered phones remains safe. Reports last week suggested that Nokia was working on Android powered Lumia phones and had a few up and running already, so now Microsoft won't require it's plan B: Surface phones. Considering the Surface tablets haven't been as successful as Microsoft previously hoped, it must be quite thankful the deal to buy out Nokia's mobile division went through.

Surface Phone top view

Say what you want about Windows phone and the Microsoft Surface programme, this mockup of a Surface phone does look quite cool.

Nokia's team had doubts about Android though mainly fearing that Samsung would continue to dominate the Android market. For now Lumia devices will remain powered by Windows and we won't be seeing Microsoft branching out into Surface phones any time soon. Maybe if it's tablet sales pick up with the second generation it will in the future, but not yet.

KitGuru says: It's for the best that Microsoft focus on bringing it's Surface tablets up to standard first before branching out, but that being said, would you like to see a Surface phone? Or even an android Lumia? 

Sources: Cnet Android Community

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