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Halo Master Chief Collection still ‘unplayably’ buggy

Fans of the recently released Halo Master Chief Collection are still struggling with game breaking bugs, multiplayer connectivity issues, achievements not being recognised and all sorts of other problems, that still haven't been fixed, despite the game having been released almost two weeks ago.

While we might be coming a little late to the party on this one, we've been contacted by a few of you telling us that your woes with the game are continuing and you want us to remind people that these bugs are still occurring in the run up to Christmas purchases.


Some of the exhastive list of bugs oveer at the official Reddit complaint thread have been fixed at this point, but many haven't, leaving a lot of you still very unhappy that you dropped money on this collection of games – some of you even pre-ordered, which should be a lesson for everyone.

Much of the problems seem to stem from the fact that Halo MCC bundles together all previous entries in the series, which has meant porting over Halo 1 and 2 from two generations ago. While the PC ports of those original gamees should have made that task easier, it clearly hasn't, as the original game has some of the most common single player bugs. However it's matchmaking where the majority of errors are showing up, with 343 currently stripping out ranked play from several game modes until it's cleared up the other issues.

For those that want to keep an eye on the fix progress with these bugs, bookmark the “Halo Waypoint,” page here.

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