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Indie Game Stand to offer regular, pay what you want, indie games

A new site set to begin operation for the first time on 26th September, Indie Game Stand, will offer a single Indie game every four days, with users able to pay whatever they want for it.

Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of HumbleBundle, but making things a little more regular, Indie Game Stand pledges that each game will receive four days in the limelight before being shelved. However, those games will then be promoted as part of the archive of offers, directing still interested users to the developer’s website for purchasing there. This will likely involve a much higher price than the average gamer would have paid given the chance to pay what they want (with Humble Bundles that include several games at once, the average price rarely peaks above $8) which only gives more incentive to keep checking back every few days to make sure you don’t miss one.

Indie Game Stand
Following on from GoG and Humble Bundle, DRM is non existent

All games will be DRM free, as is becoming far more common in the game development world these days – thankfully – and a portion of all sales will go to charities including Child’s Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Philabundance.

Those that sign up for an account now will receive a free copy of the indie platformer Chester, from Brilliant Blue-G games.

For the lazy, here’s a link to Indie Game Stand.

KitGuru Says: So what exactly are you waiting for? The link’s right there ^.

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