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Apple doesn’t like torrent apps afterall

Despite many publications, including ourselves, reporting just a few days ago that Apple had seemingly reversed its stance on torrent promoting applications on its app store, it has now proved initial hopes unfounded, by announcing the impending removal of both Conttrol and Transmission RPC.

The first news the creator of Conttrol heard of the takedown was from an Apple employee who rang through to apologise that the app had been approved in the first place. “Got a call there a little earlier from California,” Craig said while speaking with TorrentFreak. “It seems Apple are not ok with apps that have anything to do with BitTorrent.”

It was nice while it lasted

“The nice girl on the other end of phone said that Conttrol had been approved by mistake and Apple were sorry for the inconvenience but apps of this nature are not allowed in the store,” he continued.

At the time of writing both Conttrol and Transmissions RPC have been removed from the app store, ending any hope users of the fruity products had of controlling their torrents – legitimately at least – from a distance.

Conversely, uTorrent has an official application available for Android smartphones and tablets, making the platform far more attractive for those that wish to torrent on the go or remotely.

KitGuru Says: This is a shame, as the torrent platform is beginning to slowly become more of a legitimate promotional tool. Granted there is still a lot of questionable activity occurring, but it’s far from 100 per cent.

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