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Most interesting indie games at EGX 2015

If you like games, then EGX, formerly the Eurogamer Expo, is a fun place to visit. It’s got something for everyone, whether you’re into shooters, RTS, puzzlers, card battlers or any other number of genres; you’re catered for. However, as much as the big games are all exciting, with their …

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Microsoft is shutting down Xbox Live Indie Games

Back in the Xbox 360 days, Microsoft launched Xbox Live Indie Games to allow developers to self publish their titles. However, with that console on its way out, so are some of its dedicated Xbox Live programs. Microsoft has announced today that the Xbox Live Indie Games program is no …

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A new Humble Indie Bundle has launched

It has been a while since we’ve reported on a Humble Bundle but this month’s indie bundle includes some pretty good games, such as Shadowrun Returns, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, four copies of Risk of Rain and OlliOlli. As always, more games will be announced for those that beat …

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Indie’s impress at EGX 2014

If you’ve read my earlier quick coverage of the AAA offerings at EGX 2014, you’ll know I wasn’t impressed by the idea of standing around all day. That wouldn’t make for much in the way of interesting content for you guys and it certainly wouldn’t have made for a fun …

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