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Lego almost comes full circle with Movie game

The Lego franchise is going round and round now, with games based on this and that and movies and toys and… it's all encompassing. In-fact with its latest development, it's almost made it full circle. This is a game, based on a movie, based on intepretations of movies and games in the form of a constructible toy blocks. All they need now is to make toys based on the game, based on the movie, based on… oh, they already did?

Of course I'm not breaking new ground here by writing about the Lego Movie Game, we've known about that for a while. What is new though is these screenshots, which show some of the film's more popular characters in action.


The Lego Movie is set to be released on 7th February worldwide, featuring an impressive cast of voice actors, including: Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell among others. The game, developed by TT Games – most well known for its other Lego releases, but also for Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex – will actually release a fays earlier, hitting shelves on 4th February.

KitGuru Says: I've played a few of the Lego games in the past – Lego Island back in the day was fun – but I've not got on that well with them recently, there always seemed to be too much collecting involved. Are there any particularly good ones you guys would recommend?

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