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New Q*Bert record is over 80 hours long

The last two major attempts to take down a thirty year standing record for Q*Bert have required a tag team duo, presumably for mutual support as much as competitive inspiration. The 2011 attempt failed, but the 2013 one has seen one man go all the way – smashing the 68 hour previous record and instilling a new one: 84 hours, 50 minutes of play.

Of course with a record attempt like this, it’s not uncommon for those trying to drop out with fatigue. That’s what happened to one of the two players in this latest run, but one man made it all the way. His name was George Leutz, who was one of the previously failed competitors back in 2011. In total, he managed to drum up 37,163,080 points using a single quarter.

Released in 1982, Q*Bert was hugely popular in early 80s arcades.

Completed as part of the “Bert off,” a play on the perhaps better known Kong Off where the world’s best Donkey Kong players come together and compete head to head for the best live score, this new Q*Bert record toppled one that had been place since 1983, as well as taking the longevity record.

KitGuru Says: Records like this are feats of endurance – far beyond anything I ever did, even in the marathon days of my youth. I think the most I ever managed was about 15 straight hours on the original Summoner multiplayer. What about you guys? What’s your longest gaming run?

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