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A decade on, the Kings of Kong are very different


Somehow nearly a decade has passed since the original release of celebrated, retro-gaming documentary, The King of Kong and the landscape of top-tier Donkey Kong gamers is very different today. Not only has the world record been raised to monumental heights since then, but the two champions of the film, …

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The real story behind Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies, the company that not only founded the concept of video game score keeping, but played a starring role in documentaries like King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts, has been in limbo for a while now. It changed hands a couple of times after the founder, Walter Day, sold …

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Donkey Kong, Kong Off 3 champion crowned

Another year is coming to a close and that means many things, but one of them is that a new Kong Off Champion has been crowned. Funnily enough, it’s turned out to be the same as the old champion, but that’s alright because it was well deserved, as Jeff Willms …

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Kong Off 3 Online Qualifier results are in

Inspiration and crushed dreams all rolled in to one, that’s what high-level Donkey Kong scores are. They show us what we’d potentially be capable of if we spent an inordinate amount of time jumping barrels and punching out rivets, but at the same time, they show us just how much …

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New Q*Bert record is over 80 hours long


The last two major attempts to take down a thirty year standing record for Q*Bert have required a tag team duo, presumably for mutual support as much as competitive inspiration. The 2011 attempt failed, but the 2013 one has seen one man go all the way – smashing the 68 …

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