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Nintendo Classic Mini mods double installed game library

Modders around the world have discovered a method for installing additional games on their Nintendo Classic Minis, in some cases doubling the size of the pre-installed game libraries. There are a couple of methods, but each involves plugging the NES Mini into a PC and modifying its file system.

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini has proved an impressively popular little console. A miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the ’80s, it comes pre-installed with 30 games, including Punch Out!, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros 1-3, The Legend of Zelda, Super Contra and more. But some people felt there were some missing and have been trying to figure out a way to fix that.

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The method doing the rounds at the moment is an iteration on the original, but involves connecting your NES Mini up to your PC, running a specific piece of software known as “hakchi2,” and then adding in ROM files at your leisure. Each game does require some set up, but you can have box art, save games and multiplayer games if the original game allows it.

Kotaku has a few successful reports of this system working, so it does appear to be legit – and easier than the originally developed system – but there are some concerns about malware. Some have had their anti-virus software flag up the ROM-adding program, though most consider these to be false positives.

Although adding games to the NES Classic Mini is proving a popular way to expand the little system, there are a number of mods that people are working on for it. Some have developed pixel art screensavers, while others have tried to add new cheats to the games.

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KitGuru Says: Some popular title additions include Tetris, Battletoads and Ducktales. Are there any particular titles you’d like to see made available? 

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