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Please Capcom, release the CryEngine 3 Monster Hunter Online in Europe too

I know this is usually a spot for more serious news, but sometimes you have to stand up for something you believe in and say enough is enough. Capcom, stop releasing Monster Hunter games in non-Western markets. I know there’s not so many fans over here, but my god would I give you a lot of money to play this new one now.

Seriously guys, just look at this new trailer for the Chinese only version of Monster Hunter Online, built using CryEngine 3. It doesn’t look as pretty as the latest Crysis sure (and character’s mouths don’t move) but this is a Monster Hunter, with high-res0lution textures and fancy lighting effects, new combat animations and destructible environments. This is a Monster Hunter fan’s wet dream and it’s only going to be released in China.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxd_V1P_Vhs’]

Not only do the environments look sprawling and devoid of load times, but the Monsters look great too. There’s a new giant prairie dog, but perhaps most importantly, water based monsters that can be fought from the back of jet-skis.

Monster Hunter Online will be available for the first time in June this year – did I mention, only in China?

KitGuru Says: Seriously Capcom/Tencent, I’m looking to buy a Wii U just to play Monster Hunter Ultimate. That’s essentially a £200 game. I’ll give you that instead if you give this game a Western release.

If any other Monster Hunter fans would like to see this over here, get in touch with Capcom and Tencent and voice your support. Let’s make this happen.

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