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Bitfloor Bitcoin exchange shuts down, refunds customers

Following on from an upsurge in activity during the heady days of Bitcoin's plus $200 value at the start of last week, Bitfloor has suffered in the wake of the crash and now apparently its US bank account is set to be closed, forcing the exchange to shut down – though it will be refunding all customers first.

Apparently the shutdown is due to reasons “outside of [its] control,” and this would mean it “must cease all trading operations indefinitely.” Without the US bank account, Bitfloor would be unable to “provide the same level of USD deposits and withdrawals as [it] has in the past.”

Those with a lot of Bitcoins in bitfloor better hope the value is hedged, as Bitcoin is still falling

The statement posted on the official website, also states that all clients will receive a full refund over the next few days. Roman, the founder of Bitfloor asks that people be patient while they work through everyone.

Bitcoin value spiked last week at over $260, but over the past week has crashed to today's current value of just over $80 per coin.

KitGuru Says: Not wholly surprising that there was a casualty of the Bitcoin crash. It was going to happen at some point – though I'm sure a few individuals felt the pinch too.

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