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Bitcoin begins to make a return after crashing

Bitcoin has always been a pretty volatile currency, or commodity – depending on how you look at it. While it remained practically valueless for years, it eventually ended up peaking at over $1,200 per coin in late 2013. Since then it's crashed and risen several times, for the most part …

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OCUK now accepts bitcoin

If you're sitting on a fat stack of bitcoins and don't quite know whether to head to illicit market places or cash out, then hold your horses, as you can now upgrade your rig and everything about it. Overclockers UK has now started accepting the crypto-currency, letting you buy full …

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Get free games and in-game currency with Dino PC

As if using anthropomorphic raptors and triceratops for their promotional material wasn't enough, Dino PC is now looking to coax you into buying a system through it by offering up free games and almost £100 of in-game currency with some popular titles. “Hi.” If you buy any new system from …

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Irish pub now accepting bitcoin payments

How much does a pint of Koppaberg cider cost? A few quid? $5? How about 0.0093 bitcoin. At least that's what it'll set you back if you go to the Baggot Inn in Dublin, Ireland, which has just joined the select few drinking establishments around the world that accept bitcoin …

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Bitcoin value continues to tumble

The value of bitcoins over the past year has been an interesting ride to watch, since it ballooned in just ten months from around $30 per coin, to a massive $1,200 at one point. Since then it's cruised at around the $950 mark but most recently, it's tumbled spectacularly after …

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After minor dip, Bitcoin value continues to soar

Did any of you have any Bitcoins saved up? If so chances are you've made a killing recently, as the value of the digital currency is continuing to soar to new heights, despite a recent stumble on its latest rise. While just a few weeks ago the highest ever value …

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Facebook completes real currency transition

Another nail has been put in the coffin of our future galaxy spanning civilisation using those space age sounding “credits,” to pay for everything. Facebook has completed its transition from using the non-localised currency back to real world money. While credits had its advantages, such as allowing Facebook users to …

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Bitcoin bounces back after dropping $130 in a few hours

We've been reporting on Bitcoin's value explosion over the past couple of months, but for the past few days it's been tumultuous at best. Yesterday saw the highest Bitcoin value ever, topping out at around $266 per Bitcoin, but this was the final slog in Bitcoin's uphill sprint as it quickly tumbled …

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Bitcoin value continues to climb – almost $50 each


Bitcoin may be a currency without much in the way of physical, real world value, but as with everyone, something's worth is defined by what someone is willing to pay for it. And apparently people are willing to pay more and more for Bitcoins, as the value of the digital …

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Bitcoin value tops at £21


Bitcoin, the internet's own currency, has continued to grow in value, in a world economy that seems untrustworthy over half a decade along from the 2008 market crash. Now though it's reached a new peak, with the average Bitcoin now going for over $32 (£21). The high point was yesterday …

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